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Target amount: €1089.00

Total Gulden received after block validation: 8358.41 (show transactions)
Total direct Euro received: €230.00 (Donate via Euro wire transfer)

= €285.78

How to donate?

Scan the QR-code with your Gulden APP on your smartphone to donate Gulden.

OR tap on your smartphone the "Pay with Gulden" button to donate directly with the Gulden APP.

In case you want to donate some Gulden manually, please donate your amount to the following address:


Note: This campaign has been started because the successful previous campaign: has been expired (6 months renewal).

The target of this crowdfunding campaign is to get Gulden more exposure by advertising through displays located in the south part in the Netherlands (Eindhoven area and nearby cities).


During 6 months on 115 locations (1 display per location) various ads about Gulden will be displayed more than 4000x per day on all locations. The total amount to get this done is €1089. If the campaign will success, within a short timeframe the ads will be displayed on selected locations. In case the target amount will be exceeded then the extra money will be saved and will be used after 6 months once the campaign should be renewed. If the campaign failed to collect the target amount all funds will still be used for this marketing concept but less amount of displays will be used, therefore no refund of donated money is possible.

More information can be obtained via the official Gulden Slack: in the #marketing channel.

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